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Signing up and adopting a SaaS application

When we are talking about SaaS, we usually mean software applications, offered to the end user through internet and operated in a web browser. SaaS delivery model uses the “cloud space” in order to reach out to the end user. This means that when you sign up to such a service, you can’t really be sure where the actual server resides. It could be as far as the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, for all you know!

Therefore, in some cases, the traditional sales model of “salesperson demos to your premises and then fetches a signed contract to you” does not work. Local representation may not exist in your geographical area and the only way to sign up for these services is through the vendor’s web site: Typically, you will order the number of users that you wish, enter your company’s name and finally “check out” from the “e-shop” using your credit card or other payment service.

Sounds simple, as simple as buying a book from Amazon, but it isn’t! There are a number of issues that are raised; is…