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How to increase conversions in a SaaS application (part 2)

In the previous post, I started the discussion of how SaaS vendors can increase their conversion ratios, defined as:
[Customers that adopted the product] / [Total Prospects]
In this post I shall continue with some more techniques that I have spotted in several products of the global market:

Demo account with preloaded data: No matter how good your web site presentation is and how explanatory the product videos are, there is nothing better than giving prospects the opportunity to use the software before they actually buy it. That way, they can see hands-on not what the vendor selected to show them (which are obviously the best parts of their product) but what they are supposed to be doing in their day to day operations. They will have the opportunity to make transactions like they would in real life and actually decide for themselves if this product is better than what they already have or the rest of the competition. Of course, it is crucial that your demo account has access to a mea…

How to increase conversions in a SaaS application (part 1)

There is quite a big discussion around how SaaS vendors can increase conversions into their offerings. It goes without saying that any SaaS product must have a strong presence on the internet (temporarily, setting aside other ways of promotion) and so a number of visitors is expected to land on the product page. They will read about the product, go through the brochure etc. But how will they be “intrigued” to take one step forward and actually use the product/service?
In this post, I deal with the increase of the conversion rate and not the increase in actual number of hits or visits in the web site. The latter falls in the jurisdiction of marketing experts and SEO’s. The conversion rate, however, is another story: it is about increasing the fraction: [Customers that adopted the product] / [Total Prospects] (Preferably, by increasing the numerator of the fraction instead of decreasing the denominator!)
So, what are the specific measures or techniques that a SaaS vendor can take in order …