Welcome to my blog.

It was created with the purpose of providing me (and you!) a means of communicating with each other.

I shall post information and articles from the world of Information Technology (IT), of which I am a member. I have spent all of my professional life in that arena and I have a lot in my mind that I’d like to pass on.

There will be other subjects too, like everyday issues that concern us as citizens of Greece but also members of the global community.

I want to share my thoughts and experiences with you and, at the same time, gain from your wisdom. If you think that there is something interesting for you in here, then… “stay tuned”!

Oh, one clarification: I selected English as the writing language, since the biggest part of the posts will be of global (I hope!) concern and not just local.

Thank you in advance and I hope that we will spend quite a long time together!


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